Capelin Roe

Why buy our roe extraction system?

Traust Know-How has for more than 40 years designed and made roe extraction equipment for both land and sea based operations. We have through the years delivered many systems for Norwegian vessels.  Whole plants and and single machinery as well as modernizing of existing plants.  We are pioneers in this field in the world.  Our plants are all over Iceland, Norway and other countries fishing pelagic fish.

Rognutstyr i kontainers
Rognutstyr i fabrikk
Rognutstyr i fabrikk
Separasjon Sykloner Tørketrommel
Rognutstyr i fabrikk Tørketrommel Drenering i kar

Our new combined extraction system for capelin/herring roe recover almost all available roe.

The Advantage of our roe extraction system:

  • Traust has developed roe extraction systems since 1973
  • Recover higher percentage of roe than older systems
  • Has unbelievable payback time
  • Dual herring-capelin system running in Norway
  • Advanced and highly automated system easy to use
  • Possible to connect to internet and remote control
  • Very high capacity 50 to 100 tons capelin pr. hour
  • Pumps of stainless steel and sanitary standards
  • Traust is the leader in Research & Development in the field of roe extraction.