Easy Flaker

Heavy duty industrial flaker for frozen block

The Traust Know-How Easy Flaker is a heavy duty industrial flaker designed to process frozen blocks of fish. All stainless steel design. Its design is in full compliance with EU safety standards as stipulated under CE regulations. A rotating drum with specially designed blades grinds the frozen block into flakes. The thickness of the flake can be adjusted according to producer needs and standards.

A purpose designed conveyor system feeds the frozen block into the cutting chamber. Frozen blocks can be lined up in the delivery channel on top of the machine in manual fashion. The pneumatic feeding system feeds the block toward the rotating drum automatically. On the exit the flaked fish passes through an opening on the machine where it can be gathered in a tub or moved on to a conveyor for further processing.

The machine is normally set up in auto run mode but can easily be operated manually. All electrical parts are located in an electrical box inside the machine.


• Processes block of various sizes • Short flaking time
• Adjustable flake thickness 
• Easy removal of cutting blades for cleaning, sharpening or replacement
• Easy cleaning and maintenance due to hygienic design and layout
• All stainless steel design