Protein-Tec & TR-850

Who would not like to increase yield by using the raw material better?

The fish industry can increase the yield by injecting high quality mince into the muscle of same kind of fish!
Traust has been involved in use and development of this method of “Fish in Fish” injection for more than 7 years.  We come now developed and deployed a newly designed system which is less complicated, lower in investment cost and much less maintenance intensive.

This new process of  “Fish in Fish” injection has proven in a very positive manner that it is possible to get unbelievable increase in yield without affecting look or the quality of the fish. The “Protein-Tec” system along with the specially adjusted TR-850 injector, can work with salted fish and with IQF freezing of fillets delivering incredible better use of the raw material. 

We can conservatively say that working with 1500 - 3000 tons of fish a year, the Return On Investment time on the “Protein-Tec” system very short thanks the better use of the raw material. It is very difficult to find better investment The “Protein-Tec” system is the only natural method to increase the weight of the production. No added chemicals needed, nothing to declare, in operation in the US, Latin America, Scandinavia and Europe. 

The “Protein-Tec” system helps the fishing industry directly and in a positive way to increase yield without affecting the quality.

The “Protein-Tec” system is automatic and easy in use. It reduces the mince to micro particles which are mixed with your light brine solution, together they make a suspension that is invisible within the structure of the fish or fillet. 

The “Protein-Tec” system is in modules which make it easy to fit into all production lines.

Our newly patented TR-850 injector is fitted with special filters that allow it to run thick as well as light clear brines. At the touch of a button on a touch screen the system can change between traditional injection and “Fish in Fish” immediately. No other injector in the world has this capability.