IPPE Atlanta Show

The first two months of 2015 have been very exiting and productive for Traust Technologies.In January, we exhibited at the International Products and Process Exposition in Atlanta Georgia. This year, the IPPExpo hosted both the Poultry Show as well as the American Meat Institute Expo under one roof. The sow was extremely well attended an Traust Technologies had one of its first tastes of the American and International Market in the Western Hemisphere.Traust Technologies highlighted its revolutionary approach to injection and delivered a short technical presentation that for the fist time in this venue explained the benefits and advantages of Low Pressure Injection. The talk was well attended and received.There were many firsts at this show. It was the first time for Traust Technologies at the show. It was also the first time that a low pressure injector was debuted in the Americas. And it was our first meeting with our American Distributors. M&M Poultry Equipment, out of Hollister, Missouri will be our new representatives in the US. We expect great and exiting time ahead!On the heals of the IPPExpo, Traust Technologies, exhibited at the Expo Carne Show in Monterrey, Mexico. The Expo Carne Show, held every two years, is a round up of all companies doing business in Mexico and serving the meat and poultry processing industries. The concept of Low Pressure Injection, although very new to this market, was very well received and already plans for tests on pork and poultry are in the works. Our distributor in Mexico, Scan Steel de Mexico, has done an incredible job in getting our name out far and wide in they market. It is up to all of us now to prove to all skeptics that the system is all that we promise. We are sure that they will not be disappointed!We hope that any of you that re curious about this technology get a hold of our distributors or send us a note directly. Have a great Spring and we will see you all at the Brussels Show in April!

IPPE Show Atlanta

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