In January, we had a process review and inspection at a customer’s plant in Spain.

In January, we had a process review and inspection at a customer’s plant in Spain. The Bacalao El Barquero site in Asturias, Spain is Traust Technologies premier site. The ownership of this salt-fish producer is so impressed with Traust Technologies Systems that they have purchased and installed all applicable products all installed and working at one site!From the Protein-Tech System, through the TR850 Injector, Salting and De-Salting Systems, as well as our brand new Easy 3D Laser Optical Portion Cutter are installed and running fantastically on-site. In tandem, these systems allow our customers to deliver the best quality of products, while dramatically improving their yield as well as reducing their labor costs. During our process review and inspection, we were allowed to bring in other customers from the United States, Spain, the Faros Islands, and Portugal. They were all impressed with the performance of the complete plant and the resulting product. As designers of premier fish processing systems, we are very proud of the fact that one of the best producers in Spain has so endorsed our products. We thank all the fine folks at Bacalao EL Barquero for their hospitality and their faith on our processes. We are very happy that we are part of a team that has decided to produce only the best!The full line of fish processing equipment can be seen and explored at our web-site. Do not hesitate to call upon us directly or to reach us through our world-wide net of dedicated agents and distributor. See you all in Brussels in April, if not in Boston in a few days!

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