Lay fish gentle in layers into tub directly from the injector. New "add on" for the Injecting Machine TR-850

Traust is now promoting newly developed system that stack splitt fish or fillets in layers in tubs for pickling. The method is automated and does not require any labour work. Compact system only 180 cm long.

By using this method efficiency will be increase.  The system is completely automated and will fed it self with empty tubs and change them when full. 

Dosing of brine into the tubs is fully automated and adjusting the brine lever in tubs when laying down fish in the tubs as well.  The fish handle the product very gentle and there is no risk for fish braking or bending under the process.  

The system is located behind the injector and very simple to connect to older versions of injectors and as well other brand names. The injector work continuously and there is no interrupt in the process when laying down fish or changing tubs.  

Forklift put empty tub on a conveyor that moves the tub to the stacking system, brine is measured into the tub and automated moved under the stacking system. When the tub is full with product then it is automated moved away and new one is in place full with brine. 

The tub that is full and ready is moved away by the forklift that can bring empty tub to the system in same trip. The system is very compact and easy to adapt to existing Traust and other fabricates as well. 

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