New TR-850 Injector 06.05.2014


The New generation of TR-850 Injecting machine 2013. The new injecting machine has new technology to inject brine into fish. This technology protects the fish at the same time it injects more quantity of brine into the fish. In the new version you can have the 968 needles floating or fixed. One of the new features, it has on-board crane that makes it easier to clean or service the needle head. 

   Benefits of the new TR-850 XLT Injector:         

  1. Preinstalled recipes and automatic brine control. Simple to add your own recipe
  2. New "Easy Remote Manager" (PC connection) is standard in all of our machines today
  3. New fixed needle plate for fish fillets easily removable, and floating needles for split fish
  4. The new fixed needle plate for fish fillets can also be used in older injectors from Traust
  5. New extra brine shock absorber that protects the delicate fish products
  6. New heavy duty seals for needle head axel to protect motor compartment
  7. New air cylinders to open and close the safety hood for needle head
  8. New needle head service crane
  9. New needle head service & sanitary table / tray
  10. New conveyor cleaning position protocol, easy to clean and sanitize
  11. New filter: Simple & easy to clean and sanitize
  12. Optional: Built-in scale to monitor increased yield
  13. Optional: Built in Easy Layer, to lay the fish in tubs 
  14. Optional: Automatic tub changing system
  15. Easy to clean and sanitize, the needle head can be turned 90° for easy access
  16. Easy to change from injection to Easy-Inject

TR-850 XLT injector 2014

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