Defrosting tank

This tank construction is a revolutionary new innovation because it handles the fish gently and gives better yield than other methods. Conventional defrosting uses a lot of air in the tank to move the fish and throw in the water to activate the process. Much protein and fat dissolve in the water. The separator speeds up the defrosting and once the fish has been separated it is possible to defrost in about 2 hours instead of 3 hours if the block is whole. 

As the fish becomes separated in the tank, no violent air turbulence is needed and the yield is better as less of the proteins dissolve. Operation is with touch-screen and the thawing cycle is automatic. The circulation of water keeps the fish in constant stream and ensures quick and even defrosting. The fish sinks automatically to the bottom of the tank when it is ready to go out to the filleting or splitting machines. The fish is taken out one by one via pipe system with a special vacuum system. Heat exchanger is built in the tank and all excess heat available can be easily used.

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