Salt Refilling system

Our spiral conveyor system can transfer salt solids directly from your storage facilities to your processing unit. Many manufacturers use salt from bulk bags or salt tubs stored away from the processing facility.  Our spiral conveyor system enables you to transfer salt supplies in the quantity you need when you need it either via automated refilling system or by manual operation from your work station.  
The spiral conveyor system is built to suit your production capacity. It is made from food grade stainless steel. The spiral conveyor system increases safety, hygienic conditions which reduces the risk of contamination. The spiral conveyor system reduces forklift traffic in the processing area, thus reducing the risk of accidents to personnel. We point to the fact also that the utilization of bulk bags and salt tubs inside the processing area has been banned for safety reasons as well as for the risk of contamination. 

It is ideal to store salt outside in insulated silos to reduce forklift traffic inside the production area. Salt stored outside of the processing facilities safe valuable processing area and increase safety and hygienic condition.  Silos are filled up with spiral conveyer´s which also feed the salt into the processing facilities to the Spreaders and Brine Mixing Systems. Salt Silo keep´s workflow steady and minimise forklifts traffic inside the plant and reduce risk of contamination of the product and serious injuries to the staff. The silo are customised and manufactured of food grade fibreglass and food grade stainless steel.


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  • Forklift´s traffic is drastically reduced
  • Feeding silo´s inside not needed
  • Safe floor space in Processing area
  • Dirt from Bulk-bags eliminated
  • The salt is cheeper in bulk than bulk-bags
  • Eliminate disposal cost of bulk-bags
  • Decrease sanitation cost 
  • Environmental friendly
  • Safer working environment 
  • Steady workflow
  • Reduce risk of contamination