Easy Stockfish Press *

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The new generation stockfish press has number of new features.The dry fish loading compartments are much bigger than on earlier model, more effective and easier than before, especially when loading bones and fish frames into the stockfish press.The press has more powerful and effective hydraulic system, it allow the press to work at higher speed than before. Movement has very accurate "build in" sensors into the hydraulic cylinders. All length’s are shown on display with easy adjustment for length and movements of all cylinders. New type of extremely fast and accurate weighing cells.Bigger color touch screen with easy access to all adjustments and monitoring.Online connection to internet for monitoring and adjustments also accessible through our service.


  • Fast & easy packing process
  • Complete solution
  • Minimum labor required
  • Energy efficient
  • Measured labor savings
  • Flexible processing modules


New Easy Stockfish Press New Stock Fishpress New Stock Fishpress
New Stock Fishpress New Stock Fishpress New Stock Fishpress



Stockfish Press