Shellfish *

Scallop Production Line

Scallop Processing

Clean the scallops with our new type of eviscerator to increase the yield.

Brine and Curing

Mix & Cure very easy and accurate when it comes to controlling salinity and mixing additives.


IQF. Freezer

Freezing Solutions

We supply miscellaneous types of tunnel freezers according to the customers´ needs & specifications.


Easy Weight Batcher

Easy Weight Batcher

Combine a predetermined number of fresh or frozen products into a package with an exact weight.



Conveyors - Modular & Belts

Extensive range of flow-lines, with modules addressing each manufacturing state.


Easy Grader´s

Easy Grader

Grade different types of fish on the processing line according to your needs.



Transport Systems

Transport your product on conveyors with synthetic belts or modular types.

Shrimp Processing

Shrimp Processing

Installable both in land base factorys and on-board fishing vessels.



The Flowscale is robust with a user-friendly touch screen and Ethernet connection for data logging.  The highly economical Flowscale is a part of a line of low-cost advanced processing equipment that offers essential high-tech machine.


Easy Channel Grader

Easy Channel Grader is fast and reliable.Easy Channel Grader small footprint with open modules and easy to clean and sanitize.Easy Channel Grader is suitable for grading Anchovies, Mackerel, Capelin, Prawns, Hake, Sardines ,Herring ,Sardinella, Lobster tails, Scallop, Shrimp, Sprat, Squid, Trout.