Freezing Solutions

Freezing Solutions


Custom-made tunnels of various types

Traust Know-How supplies a selection of tunnel freezers according to the customers´ needs & specifications. We have a long experience in making on-board freezers as well as machines for land based freezing plants.

The capacity and dimensions are according to customer´s specifications. Our firm can offer purpose designed freezing tunnels for shrimp, scallop and fillets at reasonable prices. Our freezing tunnels are suitable for freezing of all types of seafood.

We can also supply freezing equipment such as plate freezers and complete refrigeration systems.


  • Mesh Belt IQF
  • Stainless Belt IQF
  • Blast Air
  • Containerised Freezers
  • Complete solution
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • User friendly touch screen
  • PC. internet connection
  • Long lasting belts
  • Safe & easy to operate


IQF. Freezer Belt Freezer Freezing Tunnels
Freezing Tunnels Freezing Tunnels Freezing Tunnels
Spiral Freezer Spiral Freezer Spiral Freezer
Spiral Freezer Spiral Freezer  




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Freezing solutions