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In processing fish/meat, good quality mince and fall off is always generated. This good quality mince is as good as the product itself, but does not hold the same value or demand the same price in raw form. Likewise, good quality trim can be extracted from certain parts of the bone structure. This mince is also undervalued. Protein-Tec is a process which in several steps can turn this undervalued mince into an easily injectable suspension that will seamlessly integrate with the product permanently.

Increases yield by 15-20%!

The success Injecting solution with TR 850 Injector!

This process is one of the most important and successful in increasing yield in the food industry because it effects a measured increase in yield and raw material utilization. The average gain is about 10-20% incresed yield. In other words the producers have 10-20% more product to sell  and the increase in revenue far surpasses any change in variable costs inherent with the introduction of this new technology.

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Testimonial from Icelandic producer after visiting Spanish salted fillet processor

I want to start by thanking you for letting us visit you last week. It was very interesting and we were surprised how good the quality of the fish was, compare to it was H/G fish frozen in block, to start with.  The salted fillets were particularly good looking. Seems you are making good things with the equipment „fish in fish“ and I guess the market accepts your product with this way.  

Guðbjartur Örn Einarsson Útgerðarstjóri/Manager Audbjorg -Iceland



  • Increased binding capacity
  • Improved brine retention
  • Less shrinkage
  • Increased whole muscle product weight
  • Reduced cook/chill shrink
  • Increased salting and drying yields
  • Better overall appearance
  • Better flavor
  • Higher product yield
  • Consistent product quality


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