Scallop Processing

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Scallop Processing


We have designed and installed more than 80 complete turn-key scallop plants both for processing on land and on board fishing vessels.

We have exported our plants to most of the biggest processors in Europe. We assist our customers with installation and start-up of these processing plants.

Our latest development is a new round type eviscerator for cleaning the scallop. The new machine is very different from the earlier flat bed eviscerator. The difference of this machine versus the older flat bed type is that the yield is about 10-15 % better (increasing yield from 10-12% to 12-14%). The new eviscerator take less space than the traditional one. This new type is now patented. 


  • Economical
  • Environmental friendly
  • Higher quality
  • Efficient
  • Higher yield
  • Flexible solutions


Scallop Production Line Scallop Drum Eviscerator Shell Choker
Scallop Flatbed Eviscerator