Transport Systems *

Conventional conveyors

We offer various types of transporting systems. The systems are tailor-made to the customers´ requirements. We offer traditional conveyors with synthetic belts or modular types. Straight conveying, elevating, belt with dipping washing bins, drying belts etc.


Part of our program is robotic solutions in product handling. We have been involved in several projects where part of the delivery systmems are robotic. We have specialists among our cooperating companies who  work on special projects where robots are practical.

  • Conveyors synthetic or modular belts

  • Auger conveyors

  • Elevating conveyors

  • Drying conveyors

  • Glassing conveyors

  • Dipping and curing conveyors

  • Robotic solutions

  • Ask us to solve your conveying problem.