Easy Weight Batcher *

The Easy Weight Batcher is a unique weighing system that combines a predetermined number of fresh or frozen products into a package with an exact weight.
With 7 high-accuracy individual scales and 14 holding bins, it only takes a fraction of a second for a Weight Batcher to select the optimal combination of products to achieve any pre-set weight for the batch.

The weight batching systems from Traust Know How will batch fresh or frozen food items of almost any size into fixed-weight packages. The batcher lives up to the most stringent food industry requirements, thanks to their versatility and ease of cleaning & Sanitize. It can operate as stand-alone unit or be integrated into a complete packing line.

The benefits of fixed-weight batching are many. It is especially important for food processors to keep giveaway as low as possible when packing their products, yet ensuring an exact target weight to be delivered to the customers.


  • Accurate fixed-weight batches
  • Reduced give-away
  • Handles raw material gently
  • High capacity batching
  • Suitable for small & large packages
  • Energy efficient
  • Increased performance throughput
  • Easy to clean & sanitize
  • Safe & easy to operate



Easy Weight Batcher


Easy Weight Batcher