Salt Processing Solution *



Turn undervalued mince into an injectable suspension that integrates with the product permanently.

Salt Spreaders

Salt Spreader

Distributes salt evenly over the fish combined with a brine injector which injects brine directly into fish.

Brine and Curing

Mix & Cure very easy and accurate when it comes to controlling salinity and mixing additives.

TR-850 injector 2016

Injector TR-850 XLT

Inject brine into fish while protecting the fish during injection, up to 10-30% more product to sell.

Salt fish Grader

Salt Fish Grader

The Salt Fish Grader is a robust and reliable machine that is capable of withstanding harsh conditions.  Operation is simple with a user-friendly touch screen and Ethernet data registration for quality control and traceability.   Suitable for grading and simple batching, the grader is designed to fulfill the needs of salt fish grading before the product is packed.


Salt Refilling system

Our spiral conveyor system can transfer salt solids directly from your storage facilities to your processing unit.   Our spiral conveyor system enables you to transfer salt supplies in the quantity you need when you need it either via automated refilling system or by manual operation from your work station.  


Salt separator

A new de-salting machine for salt-fish processor´s The Salt-Separator does not use Vibration or air to catch excess salt of the fish.