Salmon *

​​​​​TR-850 injector 2016

Injector TR-850 XLT

Inject brine into fish while protecting the fish during injection, up to 10-30% more product to sell.


Conveyors - Modular & Belts

Extensive range of flow-lines, with modules addressing each manufacturing state.

Flow Line

Easy Flowlines

Shorten the processing time of products traveling on the line and eliminate delays.



Turn undervalued mince into an injectable suspension that integrates with the product permanently.

IQF. Freezer

Freezing Solutions

We supply miscellaneous types of tunnel freezers according to the customers´ needs & specifications.

Brine and Curing

Mix & Cure very easy and accurate when it comes to controlling salinity and mixing additives.

Easy Defrosting Syatem

Easy Defrosting System

Thaw your product in 5-40 ton batches in a fully automated process.

Easy Weight Batcher

Easy Weight Batcher

Combine a predetermined number of fresh or frozen products into a package with an exact weight.


Easy Glazing & Cooling System

Keep your product fresh & cool during processing, glazing process both dipping and spraying.

Easy Compact Grader

The grader is suitable for simple grading and batching of a wide variety of products.

Easy Trimming & Packing-line

Trim your product to specified sizes and pack the product ready to go.

Easy Chiller

Easy Chiller & Cooling System

Maintain a a specific temperature to protect your product from microbacteriological counts.

Easy Grader´s

Easy Grader

Grade different types of fish on the processing line according to your needs.

Easy Layer


Lay your product into tubs, trays or onto conveyors through this convenient system.

Easy Flaker

Easy Flaker

Flaker blades grind a frozen block into a smooth composition adjusted in thickness and consistency. 


Transport Systems

Transport your product on conveyors with synthetic belts or modular types.

Vacuums Pump

Vacuum Pumps

Pumps with horizontal/vertical tanks of all sizes.

Tub Handeling

Tub handling

Wash with this powerful two compartment washing machine at high efficiency.

Fresh Product Grader

Fresh Product Grader

Fresh Product Grader FPG100 series

Fresh Product Grader FPG100 grades whole fish into a user defined weight categories. The system’s rugged arms quickly swivel out and gently pull each individual piece into the correct chute for its grade.  Capacity depends on product size and weight.  

Salt Refilling system

Our spiral conveyor system can transfer salt solids directly from your storage facilities to your processing unit.   Our spiral conveyor system enables you to transfer salt supplies in the quantity you need when you need it either via automated refilling system or by manual operation from your work station.  


M700/750 filleting machines

Electropolished, stainless steel filleting machines for white fish (Cod,Haddock,Saith,Ling,Tusk and comparable species.) and Salmon.

See optimal size chart attachment, green and red rows.


4 days of training for customer´s technicians